• Is your dog lonely or bored?

  • Is he showing signs of separation anxiety?

  • Are they digging up the backyard?

  • Having accidents in the house?

  • Are you coming home to a house that has been destroyed by your overly energetic fur ball?

  • Is Fido ready to go for a walk or even a run when you get home after a long day of work?

  • Wouldn't you rather she be relaxed and ready to watch TV with you?

  • Feel guilty for leaving them in a crate all day?

  • Is your dog barking non-stop?

  • Does he need socialization with some canine friends?

 Any of that sound familiar? Then doggy daycare is your answer! We provide all day, cage free play in a secure, structured and supervised environment. The dogs get to run and play in our air conditioned inside playrooms or outside in the shaded play yard. They can relax on the many dog beds placed around inside or lounge around outside on our large shaded back porch!
At Barking Mad Doggy Daycare & Boarding, LLC, we are all PLAY and no work! Your furry friend will enjoy running around, sniffing, frolicking, fetching, tug-o-war, sun bathing and socializing with all their friends!

Usually our entire playgroup is allowed to run and romp together. Our trained staff is very observant of the dogs behavior and demeanor. We will separate the play groups if needed based on size and energy levels of our daycare kids that day.
While at Barking Mad your pet will enjoy interaction with both dogs and people. All play groups are constantly supervised by our trained staff. We reinforce positive behavior (i.e. sit, stay, wait) with love, kisses, and the occasional treat! Good behavior and manners are required by the Daycare pack to ensure the safety of each and every furry friend and employee here at Barking Mad.


Need to go out of town and don't know where to leave your special furry family member? Let Barking Mad take extra special care of your extra special furry family member!
We offer two types of boarding here at Barking Mad, to help suit our clients needs. We strive to make our guests feel extra special and at home while apart from their favorite humans. 
Our first type, is our Facility Boarding. With Facility Boarding, your pampered furkid spends their entire stay with us at the facility. If they passed the daycare assessment, they will also be playing all day long with our daycare pack. If they did not pass the assessment, they are still allowed to board with us, and the price does not change. Instead of daycare pack play, they will get plenty of one-on-one playtime with our staff, no less than 6 potty-play and romping sessions outdoors with our staff-- NO extra charge for loving on your special furkids! 
Our second type of is a specialized option that Barking Mad offers for active boarders and/or daycare dogs. All 24 hour boarders must meet all of the same requirements as all the other dogs who attend Barking Mad. 24 hour boarding is a modified boarding program specialized for dogs with extreme separation anxiety or just a luxury option for your spoiled friend! With 24 Hour boarding, the furkids go home at the end of the day with Destani, the owner. This gives them a place that's a home, and not at the facility to sleep. Some dogs might find sleeping away from home stressful, but some find it extremely stressful. So going to a home environment instead of staying at the facility helps calm their fears a bit more.

Wondering what to bring? We feed YOUR food according to your preferences and any medications can be administered- without any extra charge to you. We highly encourage bringing your pets current food from home, with their names, and feeding instructions, amounts fed, and in an air tight container. This will better help your furkid with their stay, keep familiarity, and lessen upset stomachs. We suggest bringing toys (for them to sleep with) and blankets, or old clothing items that smell like you and home, to help their transition while you're away. 

We are very happy to do our best to accommodate dogs who have special or medical needs. Let's discuss your dogs situation & we will do our best to meet their specific needs.

Spaw Services

We can send your pet home refreshed and revitalized! We offer some basic spaw services that you can add on when scheduling or at drop off!   
At drop off you can request any one or more of our furbulous Spaw options that will be done at least 1-2 hours before pick up time, so your furkid is sure to be dry, smelling great, and happy! Our spaw services do require daycare or boarding. Please email or call to set up an appointment time. See our Spaw Services page for what we offer!